About us?

SPANISH LANDSCAPES, we are the leading private company and pioneer specialized in selling aerial photographs ,with a long and intense journey as experts in the production of quality reports. From 1955 to the present day, we maintain one of the largest image banks of historical oblique aerial photographs, mainly towns, coasts, infrastructures, industries and urban planning that we sell expanded in different formats. We offer the realization and production of reports aerial photography and video custom with drones, and orthophotos for engineering and topography within the peninsular area. Our archive contains images of all Spanish towns and cities, coasts, ports, monuments, infrastructures, industries, industrial estates, emblematic buildings, housing estates, sports facilities and other reasons of interest at your disposal. .

How do we operate?

  • Specific archive search service, where our experts will dive into our documentary collections to locate historical or current images that show reasons or details that you need. Our photos mainly serve to certify flight dates to provide them as documentary evidence in urban planning and neighborhood disputes. In specific cases we collaborate with other files to broaden the search if necessary.
  • Telephone and online service with JOIN ME application to be able to show images and avoid clients having to move to our offices .
  • As an image bank for the sale of archive extensions and transfer of photographs in digital format of historical and current motifs from all over Spain for multiple uses.
  • We offer our laboratory service to offer photographic enlargements in various sizes, montages in different finishes, digitization and retouching of images .
  • Our drone operators are professionals specialized in aerial photography, video and topography and are prepared to carry out reports for any reason (in the peninsular area)
  • We have professional quality photographic equipment and different models of drones for the good execution of the panoramic views that each job requires .

The result

  • More than 1.5 million references in oblique and vertical photography, available on paper and digital media. Flight date manifests from our archive as relevant graphic documentary evidence in many litigation
  • Carrying out high quality aerial photography and video reports following the indications of our clients: individuals and a multitude of municipalities, real estate, tourism, industrial, engineering and urban planning
  • Oblique photography and orthophotos, with georeferenced shots for monitoring work.
  • Conservation and safeguarding of all photographs taken.
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