Aerial photographic archives

What can i find in the file?

We provide you with over a million and a half aerial photographs of all of Spain taken over the past 60 years. We have an image bank with panoramic views of all the cities. and Spanish cities, coasts, ports, infrastructure, monuments, architecture, housing estates, industrial areas, sports facilities and other reasons of interest. You can acquire images such as:

  • Quality photographs enlarged and / or framed to decorate or give .
  • Historical and retrospective exhibitions .
  • Photographic documentation for souvenirs, projects, presentations and research articles.
  • Editorial content and social networks.

  • Panoramas of localities, coasts and landscapes such as tourism promotion, advertising and online marketing .
  • Aerial photographs as graphic documentary evidence with a flight date manifest, recognized as valid in trials and contingencies before public bodies (town halls, town planning ...)

In our online store we have made a selection of the most representative motifs of our entire geography, you can easily acquire photographic (oblique) enlargements of cities and towns throughout Spain (click here)

For more specific searches  contact us here o en el tlf: 917 253 803 (Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm) and we guide you on flights made for whatever reason you want. Specific file searches involve the hiring of a special service and a delivery plan of at least 15 days.

All images on digital media and intended for public dissemination are subject to copyright transfer (consult options and rates to our staff).

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